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 In August, 2006, Beijing Gofar Agro Specialties Co., Ltd moved to her new office -Fortune West Office Building. The Building locates by west second ring road and bank of city river of Beijing with convenient transportation, modern facilities and good sight seeing.
 Basing on the abundant marine resources of brown seaplant, chitin and pear in Beibu Bay,top grade mineral resources of leonardite, lignite and humates in Xinjiang, and rare natural herb resources in Mountainous North China, Beijing Gofar Agro Specialties Co., Ltd mainly engages in research, manufacture and supply of high-tech & environment friendly plant nutrition and protection products, such as seaweed extract, humate, fulvic acid, amino acid, trace elements, controlled release fertilizers, organic pesticide, bio-fungicide and other chemical materials etc. with all approved by ISO internation quality control system and Organic Certification of IFOAM.

 In year 2006, Hainan Seaweed Harvest Base of Beijing Gofar Agro Specialties Co., Ltd was established in Haina Province of China. This is the third seaweed harvest base of Gofar Agro after Beibu Bay base and Weihai Base. Thus Gofar Agro have established her material collection system in Chinese three major seaweed grown waters.   

  It is known that fulvic, humate have a very high biological activity, they improve the immunity, the plant metabolism and promote the development of root system. Meanwhile there is also solid evidence for many actions of seaweed, in particular the growth and plant health promoting actions.

After several years R&D, the compound formulation contains both seaweed extract and fulvic acid was developed by Beijing Gofar Agro Specialties Co., Ltd recentely.This is one of the innovated products of Gofar Agro, after their Humic Fulvic(Powder & Liquid), Amino Acid chelated Trace elements, Pesticide Synergist etc.

 Oligosaccharin is the decomposed outcome of Chitosan (Chitin, derived from shell of shrimp and crab). It has been proved globally that the Oligosaccharin can play an important role in building crop defense systems to bacterial, fungi, virus, nematode, etc. In 2003, 0.5% Amino-Oligosaccharin was firstly approved to registered as a kind of fungicide by ICAMA.

 Derived from sophora flavescens, and other pure natural Chinese herbs, composed with neem oil, Matrine Aqua-based crop protectant shows a promising market in organic agriculture production.

 Different from polymer coated CRF, LG CRF is fertilizer coated by fertilizer (Ca, Mg, P special composed material), N, P, K Mg, S, TE all in one granule. The Longevity of release could be 90-120days, 120-240days. It is recommended to Golf turf, horticulture, orchard and crops.


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